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Luciano, 29
Transport Planner, Brazil
working in Ireland
Luciano had just started his first job and due to present a report on his master's thesis at a conference on transport planning. He was also having difficulty in knowing how to politely phrase formal and informal emails according to hierarchy Together we edited his report to make it more accurate and the phrasing more idiomatic. Using authentic emails, we looked at levels of formality and informality between superiors, subordinates and colleagues and how to make requests sound more polite
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Katya 37
Human Resource Manager
from Russia

Katya had to talk on the phone to factory staff in the north east of England but couldn't understand their local accent

With the help of videos, we worked on identifying the key features of that accent and that enabled her to listen and understand better

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Ayaz 33
Interior Architect
from Turkey
working in London

Ayaz, 33, a Turkish interior architect, was feeling anxious about doing presentations and joining in with video conferences.

Together we worked on how to present his company to advantage and ways of entering a large group conversation in a video call.

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Gabriela 35
Software Designer
from Brazil
working in New Zealand

Gabriela, a Brazilian software designer working in New Zealand, felt her professional credibility being deliberately undermined by a colleague and wasn't sure how to respond.

Together we developed a collection of expressions to use with appropriate intonation in order to deal with these awkward moments and help Gabriela to regain her authority.

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