About me

Hi! My name's Sue and I'm an English language coach. I help professionals just like you improve their general and business English proficiency, whatever your job may be.

If you're working as a professional in English and it's not your first language, you are bound to feel a bit uncertain about your level of English from time to time.

You might ask: Am I making too many mistakes? Can people actually understand me on the phone? How can I understand them better? I wish I could express what I want to say more concisely. Am I being too formal or not formal enough? And how should I adjust my language when talking to my boss, colleagues or clients?

If you have been asking yourself these questions and want to know how to move forward, you are in the right place.

why you
and I

photo by cameronrose

You've probably spent many years learning English and reached an advanced level, yet you still find that there is a gap between what you know and what you need

What I mean is, how real English is used in everyday working life. You may have been searching and found the odd thing on the internet that has helped you a bit but it's not enough and you feel you aren't making much progress.

If you only could find out exactly what you need to do to improve and to find out what the next step or steps are.

And this is exactly why you and I should work together!

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