Through the Get Job Ready course I got a lot of suggestions on how to write a cover letter to highlight my advantages and represent myself better. It appeared to be much more complicated task that I thought and I’m grateful to Sue for her help and advice. We also improved my resume by step-by-step correction so it became more specific and accurate. At the end of the course I had a mock interview and get the recording of it to be able to work at mistakes by myself. Each lesson was absolutely professional. I would definitely recommend Sue to all people who want to improve their English.

Nik Sorokin, Electrical Engineer, Australia

Over my life I had lessons with many teachers, some of them were native speakers also. However Sue pays so much attention to my English to make it sounds more natural like nobody before. Sue, thank you very much!

Irina, sales rep, Russia

Having a tailored program with Sue was really helpful; learning idiomatic expressions and listening to authentic speech. Using books and filling in blanks is easy but at work you have to write emails from scratch. I’d been working in very formal English – she challenged me to work in a more informal way. When I was going for interviews I picked up the notes that we had prepared on how to describe myself. I wouldn’t be able to do my job so well.

Carmen Abis (Italian), accounts administrator, New Zealand

I would like to commend Sue for her skills as a pronunciation coach. Before starting learning English with Sue, my English was terrible. I didn’t think I could ever speak and understand spoken English well. My pronunciation has improved hugely and I have been following her methods ever since. I would recommend Sue to anyone who wants to practise the language or just want to develop their confidence. Now I feel relaxed when I have a conversation in English. I am really glad and thankful to her.

Inas, pharmacist, New Zealand