Sue is expert at pronunciation coaching! She taught me how words were pronounced in natural speech, which was really helpful. It seems possible for a non-native speaker to sound like a native only if we have a good teacher and lots of practice.

Joyce, (Chinese) pre-school teacher, Australia

Sue gave me very helpful tips that catered to my needs

Diana, reporter, Hong Kong

Sue’s Features of English Pronunciation presentation is incredibly useful and I would definitely mark it as a must-have. She has also explained me some cultural aspects of speaking about  people which was also valuable because I didn’t realize that I would sound completely different from what I would really mean in some situations. Speaking is supposed to be a hard work, but actually it is a great experience and Sue is a friendly and intelligent person to talk with.

Dmitry, business analyst, Russia

Sue has a distinctive speech level that is not only very easy to follow, but also among those you want to listen and imitate yourself. It means, that on top of her experience and teaching skills you are getting this rare talent that makes your brain and tongue work on your own speech on a subconscious layer. You will probably also like her openness and empathy. It greatly contributes to the natural and seamless flow of any lesson with her whatever goal you have… just do not let yourself relax too much! Her subtle and soft manners hides the impressive amount of firmness and steadiness that is more than enough to drive even mature and well established adults along their learning curves! Definitely recommend to anybody, including high ranking professionals.

Almaz, IT security professional, Russia